Sharing Photos

You can share photos with the Wii Friends you are chatting with if they are saved on an SD Card (including SDHC Memory Cards) or on your Wii Message Board.

Sharing a Photo
  1. In the chat room or lobby, select . This will take you to the photo-sharing screen. You can also get there from the lobby.
  2. Choose Digital Camera / Cell Phone or Wii Message Board. In the following steps we will use the Digital Camera / Cell Phone choice, but the steps are the same for Wii Message Board.
  3. From Digital Camera / Cell Phone, go to View. The photos on your SD Card will be displayed. Choose the photo you want to share.
    You can use and to change the size of the pictures and thus the number of pictures on your display.
  4. Choose Show This Photo to share the selected photo with all members of the chat group.
    *You can rotate the photo 90 degrees by selecting . The photo will be shared the way you are viewing it. You can also use and to cycle through the photos.
    While it’s being sent, you’ll see a display noting what percent of the photo has been sent.
    *Shared photos are visible only in the chat room. If the person who sent the photo stops sharing or returns to the photo-selection screen, the screens of the people viewing the photo will return to the chat room or lobby.
    *If you push a button while the message “Sending Photo...” is displayed, it will cancel the photo-sharing.
Receiving a Photo

Once the photo has been received, it will be displayed on your chat room screen.

● Photos can be shared only when chatting.

● You can still chat while you’re sending photos.

● Photos will be shared with group members even if they’ve muted their Wii Speak microphone.

● It may take a little while for sent photos to reach your chat group partners.

● Shared photos can’t be saved to Wii system memory or an SD card.

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