Beginning a Chat, Part1

Follow the steps below to begin a chat. You can have a maximum of four Wii consoles participating in your chat at the same time.

*If the person you want to chat with hasn’t started the Wii Speak Channel, you won’t be able to ask them to chat. Try setting up a time to chat beforehand.


Asking to Chat (You)

From the chat-room screen, select .


Asking to Chat (You)

Once you are at the lobby screen, Wii Friends who are available to chat will be displayed. Select the Wii Friend you want to chat with or the host of the chat you want to join. A confirmation screen will be displayed. The host will have a yellow outline.

*Press to enlarge your Wii Friends and display their nicknames.

*It may take a moment after you start the channel for you and your Wii Friends to appear online to each other. If you see the message “OK to Chat!” when you hover above someone, you can ask this person to chat.


Asking to Chat (You)

Choose Yes on the confirmation screen.


Receiving a Chat Request (Host)

A confirmation screen will appear informing you of a request to chat. If you answer Yes, you’ll go to the chat room where your Mii Characters will appear and you can begin chatting.

If you want to adjust the volume during a chat, use left and right on . If you use the TV remote to adjust the volume, it may result in echoes or other audio problems.

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