Here you can see the status of your Wii Friends and join in chats. From the chat room, select to switch to the lobby.

You’ll see the following six types of colored circles in the lobby screen indicating the status of your Wii Friends.


A Wii Friend currently using the Wii Speak Channel.

Someone who is not one of your Wii Friends. (Mii characters will not be displayed.)

A Wii Friend who is not currently using the Wii Speak Channel.

Someone whom you have registered as a Wii Friend but who has not registered you yet, or a Wii Friend who does not have the Wii Speak Channel. Point at their Mii character and press to refresh.

A Wii Friend joining a chat or leaving the channel.

People who are involved in chats together will be connected and placed into a group, with the host of the chat at the center of the group. The host will also have a yellow outline around their circle.

The host has the ability to approve of members joining the chat and to disband the chat group.

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