Using Mii Characters in Your Chats

You can use Mii characters to represent you in chat rooms and the lobby.

  1. From either the chat room or the lobby, select . All Mii characters registered on the Mii Channel will be displayed.
  2. Choose the Mii characters you want to use from the lineup of Mii characters on the Mii Channel.
    *Up to six Mii characters can be chosen to participate in a chat on any single Wii console. To deselect a Mii character from use in chats, simply point at its picture and press .
  3. After you’re finished choosing Mii characters to use when chatting, select OK. Now, when you start the channel, the Mii characters you have chosen here will appear in the chat room and lobby, although you can come back to this screen and change them at any time.
    *If you do not have any Mii characters registered on your Mii Channel, will be displayed instead. For details on how to create a Mii character, please see the Mii Channel section of the Wii Operations Manual.
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