Chat Room

When you start up the Wii Speak Channel, you will begin in the chat room. In the chat room, you can choose what Mii characters to use as well as enjoy chatting with people you decided to form a chat group with in the lobby.

 Choose Mii Characters(
Select Mii characters to use when chatting. (see p. 8)

 Share Photos(
During chats, you can share photos that have been saved on your Wii Message Board or on an SD Card with your chat group. (see p. 14)

 Create a Message(
You can send voice messages to your Wii Friends. You can also attach photos and a Mii character. (see p. 16)

Adjust the Wii Speak settings. (see p. 9)

 Wii Number(
Display the Wii number for your Wii console.

 Address Book(
Choose people to be displayed in the lobby and add Wii Friends. (see p. 7)

 To Lobby(
Switch to the lobby screen. (see p. 10)

Bring up a help menu and operations guide for each screen.

 To Wii Menu(
Return to the Wii Menu.

 Quit Chatting(
End the chat.

 Wii Speak Icon
Displays the status of the Wii Speak microphone.

:The Wii Speak microphone is on.

:The Wii Speak microphone is muted.

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