Using the Wii Speak Channel

So that everyone can enjoy using the Wii Speak Channel, please follow these guidelines:

When Chatting

 Please do not use language that will upset any of the other users. For reference, please see the Wii Code of Conduct, available online at http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems/wii/en_na/privacyCoC.jsp.

 Do not give out your own or other people’s personal information, such as name, address, telephone numbers, birth date, age, school, or e-mail address.

 The Wii Speak microphone can recognize voices at normal speaking levels. Please refrain from elevating your voice when chatting.


 If you’re placing the Wii Speak microphone on the top of your TV, please make sure that it’s centered, level, and facing front.

On the Sensor Bar
On the TV

 If you cannot place the Wii Speak microphone on top of your TV, place it as far away from the TV’s speakers as possible.

Sound Settings

 If you are using a TV with mono audio, please switch your Wii console to Mono in Wii Settings. If you leave the Wii console set to Stereo or Surround, you may experience echoes when using the channel.

  1. From the Wii Menu, choose Wii Options.
  2. Choose Wii Settings, then Sound. From the next menu, please select Mono.

 Some people using TVs, receivers, or speakers that digitally enhance or adjust audio may experience voice dropouts or echoes. In those cases, try adjusting the settings on the device (settings vary depending on the device’s make and model). For those using a home-theater system with multiple speakers or other such setup, please try switching the settings on all the devices to stereo. For information on how to adjust these settings, please refer to the user manual that came with your TV or receiver.


 Please use the Wii Speak microphone at a distance of 3-9 feet.

Internet Connection

 Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, its quality, and other conditions, you may experience voice dropouts, echoes, and other effects. Please be aware that these problems are not caused by a defective device.

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